Election manifesto

Our „system“ is in danger of falling apart. Politics and our party system are no longer governing our country for the good of its people but in the interests of powerful elites, economic lobbies and the wealthy. This has resulted in an inefficient and unfair distribution of opportunities and resources, and a growing number of people in Austria are feeling the effects.

Our government has asked us to understand that public funds for our social services must be cut to compensate for the financial crisis, but at the same time the state supports international banks and large co-operations with billions. We are supposed to accept that large co-operations and big business are generating colossal profits whilst our wages stagnate. Politicians tell us that there is no money for education, social support and child care whilst at the same time high financial assets are subject to a very low level of taxation Yes, unequal distribution can be felt everywhere, where public financial funds have to foot the bill for the benefit of the minority of rich and super rich.

The unfair distribution of income and capital is a severe economic problem: when only a few accumulate huge fortunes, the demand for goods and services decreases. Instead, money is invested in financial products, the cause of instability and crisis.
Unfair distribution also leads to unjust power relationships, which further corruption and inefficient usage of public money. The results are growing social inequalities, which in the end adversely affect the whole society. Policies which favour the interests of a few over the many are responsible for the one sided redistribution of wealth.

We can do things differently): with courageous politics, a fair and sustainable society is possible! We cannot and must not accept any less. We live in a democracy and power stems from the people. It is our duty to become active when our parties and politicians don’t act in the interest of the majority It is time to carry out this duty.

„Der Wandel“ campaigns (stands) for the right to a good life for everybody in an advanced and caring society. A society in which everyone has the same opportunities. A society where resources are shared between us fairly and we respect our environment to ensure sustainability for our planet. That is our vision.

“Der Wandel” stands for politics that believes everyone should benefit from the great social and financial wealth in our country.

“Der Wandel” stands for a society, in which everyone, independent of their social background, has the same opportunities to self-fulfilment.

“Der Wandel” stands for a sustainable economic development, protecting our environment and making a stable future possible.

Our demand is the will to change. Together we can succeed. We don’t have the solution to all of our countries problems but we can no longer stand idley by. Our ideas are there to be developed.

We are “der Wandel” (change)! So are you!

For a fair distribution of the burden and a rigorously regulated financial system

Fiscal policies determine how the state is financed, who contributes what,and how our money is spent. Therefore, it is especially important to show courage in taking specific measures to increase prosperity for all. “Der Wandel” campaigns for an income tax, which generates income through a fair distribution of the tax-burden. In our new system everyone would contribute according to their means. Equally, it is imperative that inheritance and property taxes, as well as laws regarding tax evasion must be overhauled, in order to ensure a just and sustainable financing of the state.

We demand:

#A joint taxation and the obligation to make social insurance contributions for income from wages and capital

#Relieving small and medium incomes and introducing new top income tax rates for gross incomes over 250,000 per year

#Introducing progressive gift, inheritance and property tax from Euro 500,000

#Unsuspended prison sentences for tax evaders and corruption from Euro 100,000 per year

The financial crises and its consequences have shaken the world and have also caused substantial costs in Austria, which we will feel for decades. The severe deregulation of the financial markets in the last few decades has resulted in large areas within the financial sector no longer creating real economic value but instead, constituting a great risk for society.

The current financial system has failed and we cannot afford to keep this system artificially alive. We have to introduce a rigorous new legal framework so that the financial system once again is designed to meet the needs of the people and the economy.

We demand:

#Financial transaction tax for all tradable finance products

#Separation of commercial and investment banks

#New regulations for government borrowings from national banks

For a green change and fair economic economy

It is getting clearer that our current economic system, focused solely on consumption and growth, can no longer provide full employment and fair remuneration.

As in economic politics, also environmental policies face major challenges. The climate crises and the over-exploration of our natural resources are pushing our planet to its limits. The causes are inseparably linked with our economic system. Considered in combination, this interrelationship of economy and environment, bears great potential for a sustainable and stable economic development.

The green change stands for a new orientation of Austrian economic and environmental politics which focus on renewable energy supplies, energy efficiency and fair remuneration of work. This forward looking connection between environmental and economic policies will provide stable economic development, create employment, strengthen Austria’s independence from fossil fuels and protect our environment sustainably.

We demand:

#100 per cent energy from local renewable sources until 2030

#introduction of a universal minimum wage of Euro 1,500 gross monthly

#reductions of non-wage labour costs for small and medium enterprises by 25 per cent

Equal opportunities for all in our society

The five pillars of the Austrian as well as the European social model – old age provision, health care, education, unemployment insurance and infrastructure services – have been continuously weakened through the politics of the last few decades. A severe mistake, because it is these achievements which have for a long time secured the wealth in our country and protected us from poverty.

Now we must show courage and speak up for an educational system which, regardless of social origin, offers the same opportunities and the highest standards for all people. We need a health system which guarantees that everyone is treated with the best possible care in the case of illness. We need unemployment insurance, which ensures that people who are out of work have a secure livelihood. We need strong infrastructure services like railway, the postal service and water supply. And we need a public retirement provision that will once again, guarantee adequate living standards in old age.

We demand:

#Introduction of nation-wide all day comprehensive school

#Increase of the minimum income, minimum pension and minimum unemployment benefit to Euro 1,000.-

#Introduction of nation-wide all day child care and extension of public care and social work

If we want real political change in Austria, there is a lot to do! If we want that politics works again for us and for equal opportunities for all people to a life as good as possible, we have to get active.

We are “the Wandel” and so are you!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead

Many people in Austria already work hard to create a better society. Countless people commit themselves of their own accord to support socially vulnerable groups and work towards a fair and sustainable world. They all contribute enormously to the social and cultural wealth in our country.

You are also part of this change if you do not only dream of a fairer society but openly demand it. If you ask for politics which does not any more only speak in our stead but finally starts speaking again for us. Yes, all of us are already part of this change if we set our own steps to enhance our vision of a better world and to make it reality.

For a political “Wandel”, we are looking for people who want to get involved and be part of this change.

Join us