Dear NSA agents…

Gastbeitrag von Gottfried Griesmayr. Link zum Orginalbeitrag.


nice to hear from you! I always thought you were here, but never found evidence. You never liked my facebook postings and you never answered my tweets. But now it is official, you are monitoring the internet, you are reading our e-mails, you are listening on Skype and of course you are our secret friends on facebook.

Why are you so shy? Why don’t you share your thoughts with us? You are very smart people, holding a University degree in computer sciences or so. And you really know a lot! It would be great to get your opinion on what is going on.

What do you think about your bosses? Do they give you a reasonable job? Is it really worth spending billion dollars for spying the internet? I think terrorists and criminals will not post their plans here (except some extreme right-wings proving their stupidity). What I am posting is not a threat. I am not planning and have never executed a bank robbery. I believe this story goes the opposite direction! Are you also breaking into bank systems? Could you tell us who is stealing our money?

But I may be a dangerous guy from your point of view. I have no gun to shoot intruders to my home and I do not give firearms to my children. I rely on the state to warrant our safety and our social system. Therefore everybody should pay taxes according to income, also the rich and the big companies. For whom this is a threat, national security?

If you like to know in detail what I am thinking, you can simply ask me and I will tell you. I am very open with that! I believe in democracy and in the freedom of mind. And I think there is a strong relation. Only if people are free in thinking and in sharing their minds, we can have real democracy! The internet shall be open and free, but you are driving us into the wrong direction. Knowing that you are monitoring everything, people may have fears to communicate open. And people avoiding free discussions are manipulated easier. We had such times 70 years ago and should have learned from history. Therefore I am promoting offensive communication strategies everywhere, also in the internet. (I am using the term “offensive” on purpose to trigger your filters; I want you to read this!) I believe the vast majority of humans on this globe are honest, co-operative and social minded. They should share their hopes and ideas for a better world without fearing repressions. It is no secrets and you shall be drowned in useless information, because everyone just gives a sh…ame on what you are doing here.

What is motivating you for this job? You will be paid well, but I do not believe you are selling your heart. You will think you are doing an important job for fighting terrorism and for maintaining security. But who is really taking benefit from information’s you are collecting? Information is power and power is money. Do you really know the business you are in and do you agree with that?

Finally I like to emphasize: Not we are breaking laws, you are breaking laws all over the world!

Think about it dears, here is a song for you:

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